My Story

Hello, my name is Bruce Huck and I am a RECOVERING DIABETIC!

8 lonely years of glucose guessing than
I took control my glucose production,
Reversing my Diabetes!

Fall 2004 - Journey Of Isolation Begins:

February 2011 - 7 Years Later

December 2012 - 8 Years Later

February 2013 – Started Nutritional Detoxing

Becoming A Diabetic Warrior

Take back your life (reversing your diabetes). Controlling your glucose production. Doing so has inspired me to pay it forward by donating 6% of my Diabetic Warrior proceeds to the:

American Diabetes Association.

Take control of your Lifestyle.

Start with a 60 day experience.

Substitute glucose neutral meals / snacks to Improve your daily health. One meal, one day, one week at a time.

Take control of your Diabetes.

A Lifestyle Disease with no medical cure that can be controlled. You just have to make the commitment.

One meal, one day, one week at a time.

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